Custom Wooden Memory Stick Project
February 1st, 2013

Megan Vaughan Photography

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Megan went with formal wooden custom flash drives to portray a more natural and comforting brand identity. She incorporated a remarkable white signature font with a gentle character and a low contrast to improve readability at far distances. With this bold look, Megan's signature logo is perfect for the size of a flash drive in which clarity of information is required for a successful marketing strategy.

Her logo and industry subheading are followed by a juxtaposed red and light blue tiered ribbon. Megan's relevant contact information is below the divide and is highlighted with the same signature white font. The USB cap is decorated with a unique picture of a professional photo camera. This is a great way to add diversity and brand recognition through imagery rather than rely solely on text.

Megan delivered her custom USB drives alongside a handmade thank you card with matching color hues in a similar presentation. This adds a nice, personal touch. It really lets her clients know that she put time, effort, and thought into her delivery. In the end, her entire delivery successfully illustrates the professionalism of Megan's unique personality alongside the high quality of her work.

Megan Vaughan is a natural light, portrait photographer serving Lynchburg, Virginia and its surrounding areas. Her professional work has attracted dozens of faithful clients from the area and her brand continues to grow every year. Although the quality of her photos continued to improve with new innovations in the field, Megan felt that her delivery was rather outdated. DVDs just weren't cutting it anymore. With most computers nowadays excluding the optical drive completely, Megan knew that she needed something new and creative to give to her clients.

I decided it was time to move away from the DVDs and use USB Flash Drives. They're much more convenient.

- Meghan Vaughan

These wooden flash drives custom printed with Megan's logo really add a one-of-a-kind look and natural feel to your brand. The colorful organic hues of this product come in pine, walnut, mahogany, bamboo, maple bamboo, and fiber wood. Along with an added sense of flash drive durability and security, its solid wood exterior gives Megan's clients a warm feeling of comfort and joy.

Please visit Megan's website to see some of her amazing photography.

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