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American Heart Association: Flavors of the Heart

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“We ordered the USB for our culinary event Flavors of the Heart, this was our 4th year, but the first time including our cookbook in a flash drive. We always print the cookbooks, but it was one of our committee member’s suggestions to have the e-cookbook version this year to please our younger generation. The […] Read more…

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Ghost USB Honeypot Protects your USB drives from Malware

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Remember when you only got viruses from visiting spammy websites? Well not anymore unfortunately. With the development and success of USB flash drives came a whole new wave of malware infections. Nowadays, you shouldn’t plug your flash drive into a library computer, or even a friend’s laptop without having some sort protection in place. Criminals […] Read more…

USB Photographer Package

Gain Exposure from Your Photography Packaging

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To help you get exposure for your work, we’ve put together a short list of websites and blogs you can submit your packaging to. These 4 sites will help you showcase your packaging to a much wider audience, and hopefully it will impress your future clients, business partners, and employers as well. Read more…