usb honeypot 2

Ghost USB Honeypot Protects your USB drives from Malware

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Remember when you only got viruses from visiting spammy websites? Well not anymore unfortunately. With the development and success of USB flash drives came a whole new wave of malware infections. Nowadays, you shouldn’t plug your flash drive into a library computer, or even a friend’s laptop without having some sort protection in place. Criminals […] Read more…

19NM Flash Memory by LSI

SSDs Now Using 19nm Flash Chips Thanks to LSI

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The LSI Corporation, a leading designer of semiconductors and software that accelerate storage and networking in data centers, mobile networks and client computing, today announced several public demonstrations of its award-winning SandForce SF-2000 Flash Storage Processors. Read more…

Cryptex Flash Drive

Making of the Cryptex Flash Drive

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We are always brainstorming and on the lookout for new ideas that we can apply to the USB market place. We know there are lots of people, like us, who enjoy the various novelty and gadget flash drives that are commonly found online. That’s why, when we happened across a photograph of a functional, cryptex USB drive, we were all instantly transfixed on acquring one. Read more…