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Ubie Ninja

Ubie Ninja USB 3.1 TYPE C USB Flash Drive
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Meet UMD's newest original flash drive - the Ninja. In a time where USB-C has suddenly gone from interesting to important, you'll be glad to have one by your side - capable, dependable and ready for whichever computer port comes its way.

Product Description

Sporting a highly robust full metal body, sleek swivel cap and both a reversible USB Type-C connector and a standard USB Type-A connector - it's quite possibly the only flash drive you'll ever need, like ever.

Gone are the days where you're struggling to find the dongle in your laptop bag that'll connect your flash drive to your computer. WHY is that even a real problem in today's day and age?! We don't know. But regardless, the Ninja's got you covered - on both ends. Because you don't slow down for anything and neither will it. Keep all your pictures, music, movies and data safe as you carry around and share them. *smoke bomb... poof*