Paper clip usb drive

USB Drives On Your Business Cards

Introducing our latest custom flash drives - the paper clip usb flash drive. It is
a compact and stylish usb drive that can be printed on both front and back
with stunning full color logos. Attaching our paper clip USB flash drives
to your business cards will help drive more business your way. The
custom printed paper clip usb drive will ensure your customers keep
something to remember you by and offer you the unique ability to display
so much more information than what can be printed on the back of a card. At
a trade show or marketing event a plain old business card might be tossed in the
trash. With a paper clip usb drive attached to your business cards your prospect is
guaranteed to hang onto it. For extra convenience a keyloop allows your clients to easily
secure the custom thumb drive on their keychain. All of our flash drives have a lifetime guarantee
ensuring that your logo will stay sharp for years.

Flash Drives

Choose the USB flash drive option for your to upload stunning visual presentations, videos, music, catalogs, and annual reports onto your USB paper clip flash drives . All of our custom flash drives come with a lifetime warranty and come in a variety of capacities ranging from 64MB all the way up to 32GB. USB flash drives also allow your clients to store data increasing the chances they will keep your drive.


Web Keys

Web Keys allow you to deliver clients directly to your website or web based application immediately when they insert the drives into their computer. Another advantage to web keys is their cost effectiveness. Web keys do not contain any flash memory like standard usb flash drives, making the price by far lower than it's counterpart. They are the perfect option for trade shows and corporate events.

Pantone Color Matching

Choose Your Drive Color

With so many colors to choose from you are sure to make the perfect match with your printed company logo and information. With Pantone color matching your USB drives could have the perfect complementing color to your logo. You can also have your logo color matched to anyone of our standard colors. Ask your sales representative more about Pantone color matching for your custom flash drives.

USB Preload Capabilities

Data Upload Possibilities

One of the key advantages to a USB flash drive that is also a paper clip is that you can deliver digital as well as printed media to your clients in one package. Delivering interactive sales pitch that engages your clients with a stunning video or power point presentation can have a much greater impact than a simple sales kit. Digitizing your media can also yield clear savings on the costly printing of catalogs, annual reports, and product brochures. Here are a few examples of what our clients have uploaded to their promotional flash drives in the past:

  • Catalogs
  • Website Links
  • Custom Programs
  • Annual Reports
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Music

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